The flight under Salcano's bridge of an ultralight of Benjamin Ličen ("Benji") on the occasion of the centenary of Rusjan brothers first flight (24.10.2009)

An airplane flying under Salkano’s bridge. Spectators admire the show, entirely conceived by Matjas Berger (16.10.1999)


Air Show
Airport "Duca d’Aosta" - Gorizia, 1° October 2006

5000 spectators watching the evolutions of high school in the Merna’s airport

On October 1st 2006, more than 5000 people were present at Merna’s Airport. Thanks to organizers (Flying Club “Rusjan Brothers”, Flying Club of Friuli Venezia Giulia and “4° Stormo Association), the show had a very big success, with high school evolutions. The aircrafts flying above the “Duca d’Aosta” were the Pitt’s (American acrobatic planes), the Slovenian acrobatic patrol, the Italian “Yak” patrols, the power-driven gliders Blue Voltige, the acrobatic plane piloted by George Marangoni (record man worldwide), the new glider    Blanik L-13  belonging to Rusjan Brothers Club piloted by Piero Marangon and Alexander Spacapan, the twin turbo prop. Atr.42 and Atr.72 Air Dolomiti, the Slovenian Armed Forces Cugar’s helicopters and finally a marvellous reconstruction of the mythical monoplane EDA V, the aircraft which had been constructed by Rusjan brothers, Gorizia’s pioneers of flight.
The exhibition was well organized and there had also been two spectacular parachutist launches. At the end of the exhibition spectators were surprised by low-attitude flights of BA 146, the splendid “Air Dolomiti Jet”.

Monoplane EDA V, perfect copy of Rusjan brothers aircraft constructed in 1910, flying over Merna Monoplane EDA V in Gorizia’s Airport
“Rusjan Brothers Club”. People drink to celebrate with EDA V constructor and pilot. Between them Grazia Rusjan, the nephew of the two pioneers A slovenian army helicopter that had been exhibited during an anti-fire action
“Rusjan Brothers Club” gliders A spectacular exhibition of the glider piloted by Piero Marangon and Aleksander Spacapan
Picture of the “Rusjan Brothers Trans Frontal Club” A slovenian helicopter during an anti-fire action
Acrobatic biplane Pitt's-S piloted by Giorgio Marangoni The pilot, after the spectacular flight exhibition
“Pipistrel” Airplanes Twin-turbo prop. ATR-72 flight
 Two periods....

Inauguration of a sculpture dedicated to Eduardo Rusjan during the aerial meeting of Cerklje 
June 30, 2006

The 30th of June 2006, during the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Slovenian independence, at Cerklije military airport, there has been the inauguration of a bust dedicated to Eduardo Rusjan. Next to the monument, Srečko Gombač author of the book “Eduardo and Giuseppe Rusjan brothers from Gorizia), set up a museum dedicated to the two famous flight pioneers brothers Rusjan.
During the ceremony, two people spoke. First of all Karel Erjavek, Minister of Defence of  Slovenian Republic, Then Ernest Ferk, President of the Association of pensioned aviators and promoter of the museum’s set up. General Albin Gutman, Chief of General Staff of the Republic of Slovenian Armed Forces, was also present. Inauguration was followed by an aerial meeting. In it, there was the participation of two “F 16” of Aviano’s American Base.
Spectators admired EDA V’s flight. A monoplane which was the exact copy of one of Rusjan brother’s aircraft, constructed by Albin Novak. The monoplane was piloted by Mr Mezè. Another flight was the one of a “Polikarpov”, a famous Russian airplane of the 2nd World War.

The honour’s guard of the Slovenia’s army during the ceremony Karel Erjavec, Minister of Defence of Slovenia’s Republic, and Albin Gutman, Chief of general staff of the Armed Forces of Slovenia’s Republic

The statue is still covered by a blue cloth The bronze, made by the artist Zmago Posega

Photographers and cameramen in action in front of the sculpture The Commander of the Cerklje’s Air force base speaks

Srečko Gombač and his wife Janja are hanging the model of EDA 2 in the ceiling  Some photos exposed on walls

The triplane Eda 2 constructed by Srečko Gombač with the "ready pilot" in the cockpit Grazia Rusjan beside the photo of her uncles

Monoplane "Eda V" in flight in Cerklje sky Rusjan brothers nephew, Rusjan Grazia, between pilot Mezé and constructor Albin Novak.

A helicopter of Slovenia’s Air Force The famous "Polikarpov", a Russian airplane of the Second World War