Recently in the Polytechnic Institute of Nova Gorica was dedicate a Foundation to the first Gorizia’s flight pioneer as a financial support for the Institute

The Foundation is dedicated to Eduardo Rusjan, one of the Austro-Hungarian first flight pioneers. In November 1909, Eduardo was flying with one of the heaviest machines. This didn’t happen in Gorizia, the town in which he made his first flights and his hometown, but in Nova Gorica. He was supported by Mayor and President of the Foundation, Črtomir Špacapan. Mr. Špacapan is also President of Polytechnic Institute of Nova Gorica, A small selective university which has two bachelor and two master courses.
The Foundation was born as financial support for the Polytechnic Institute. Presentation of the Foundation was followed by delivery of medals in memory of its founders. This took place on 3rd October, in the sumptuous Zemono’s Castle.
Chancellor Danilo Zavrtanik Mayor Spacapan made a talk. After that, the direct nephew of Eduardo Rusjan, Grazia Rusjan, did a short but very touching portrait of her uncle.  She recently came back to live in her hometown, after 30 years in Brussels.