Giuseppe Rusjan (Pepi)

Giuseppe Rusjan, 20 years old, during military service at the Landwehr's 27th Regiment. 
He's wearing the medal of the imperial jubilee (representing Josef's 60 years of reign) and the symbol of the sharp-shooter's first class
Giuseppe Rusjan with his sons in Buenos Aires

Little model of "Pulga del cielo" (Flea of the sky) by Pepi in Rural Exposition (Argentina - 1935)

Giuseppe Rusjan
Giuseppe Rusjan and his wife Maria Jurig in Buenos Aires

Giuseppe, when he was paralysed
Giuseppe with his daughter Anna (on the left) and a friend of hers

Bruno Rusjan, 79 years old, with his wife Beba (Buenos Aires, 1994)

Bruno Rusjan, the eldest son of flight pioneer Giuseppe Rusjan from Gorizia, died in Buenos Aires. Nearly two months after the sad event, news came from Argentina that the last direct descendant of one of the two flight pioneers, Bruno Rusjan, had died of infarct. Bruno Rusjan would have been 90 on 18th August of this year. He was Giuseppe Rusjan's eldest son, Gorizia's first flight pioneer. Giuseppe, or Jos+AOk- as he was called by his family, moved to the Pampas (South America) in 1913, two years after the tragic death of his brother Eduardo, in Belgrade in January 1911, during one of his experimental flights. At that time, Giuseppe was already married to Maria Jurig. They had two children: Eduardo Marino and Bianca Luisa.
In South America, three other children were born: Bruno, in 1915, Anita, who died a few years ago and Roberto Raul, who died in a car accident during the Second World War.
Six years ago, after a series of strange and complicated circumstances, we managed to contact Bruno. Thanks to him, there remains a lot of interesting material regarding father Giuseppe Rusjan. Giuseppe played a conclusive part in the construction of the first airplanes in Gorizia and successively several aircrafts, built in Zagreb and highly improved from a technical point of view.
Bruno brought much unknown photographic material and many documents to Gorizia which helped us to shed light on the activities of the two flight pioneers. From our side, we have been sending Bruno all material published in Italy and Slovenia regarding the activities of the two pioneers. Much published material was found thanks to the information brought by Bruno. We are only sorry that investigators and historians have not been able to get in contact with the Rusjan descendants when the brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts of Bruno were still alive and had emigrated to the Argentina.
For Bruno, we were the distant and unknown researchers of the lives and legends of the flight pioneers. We will remember Bruno Rusjan for his kindness and help and keep his memory alive eternally.