Franc Rusjan+IBk-s eight sons

Eduardo (Edi)
Giuseppe (Pepi)
Luisa (Gigia)
Giovanna (Nucci)
Anita and Antonio (Tunin)

Three sisters Rusjan

From left: Adolfo Breyer, Maria, Giovanna (Nuci), Carlo, Grazia, Antonio, Franc

Franc Rusjan+IBk-s laboratory

Franc Rusjan on the threshold of his workshop, Cappella street n+ALA- 8 in Gorizia

After the First World War, on his way back from Ljubljana where he was sheltered with his family, Franc found his house in Cappella street n+ALA- 8 in Gorizia

.+ICY-and his publicity

Franc Rusjan Franc Rusjan left Trieste and moved to Gorizia Vetturini street n+ALA- 9 (today Favetti Street). In order to make himself publicity, he inserted this announcement in 1897+IBk-s Calendar. Law: FRANC RUSJAN, cooper, Vetturini Street, house n+ALA- 9 (near the popular Gorizia+IBk-s Credit union) recommends his workshop handicraft which produces barrels. He also repairs, and customers are satisfied

A 1909 poster with several advertising around the train+IBk-s timetable. Law: "Train timetable, boat transports, valid from 1+ALA- November 1909". Franc Rusjan+IBk-s insertion is found in foot low on the left

Blow up of the poster. We can read:"The cooper Franc Rusjan from Gorizia, Cappella street n.8, promoting his own workshop. In it, people produce and fix much kind of barrels. Customers are satisfied of the working activities"