Grazia Rusjan
Rusjan bruders+IBk-s direct nephew

I+IBk-m  Rusjan brothers's direct nephew and author of this website. I thank members of my family living in Argentina, because they supplied me numerous inedited photos. My thanks also go to Edvin Berneti+AQ0- for translating this site in Slovenian language, Sandro Scandolara and all those who helped me finding texts and pictures regarding my uncle. My father Carlo was Eduardo+IBk-s brother. When Eduardo died in the flying accident my father was only one and a half years old.
I was born in Gorizia and after finishing my studies for becoming a teacher, I went in Brussels. I+IBk-ve been living there for 28 years,
working at the European Union, in the staff of the General Manager of External Relations and then of Agriculture.
I+IBk-ve been travelling in all continents. When I came back in Gorizia, my hometown, I decided to dedicate my time in searching
documents and photos regarding the short life of my uncle Eduardo. I decided to contact a part of my family who is resident in
Argentina and through and thanks to their help, I could have important material regarding Eduardo. Then I also collaborated with
passionates of Aviation Story.
I wanted my uncle to be well-known and remembered for what he has done. He also had to be remembered in Gorizia, the city
where he invented and constructed numerous aircrafts at the beginning of the XXth century.
I also gave my help in the organisation of some conferences and supplied the material which was necessary for the publication of
the book +IBw-Once upon a time in a flying field+IB0- (Carlo d+IBk-Agostino +IBM- Vittorelli Editions), telling the story of Gorizia+IBk-s airport +IBM- One of the
chapters of this book is dedicated to my uncle.

Gorizia, May 2002