Pictures of the event

The ribbon’s cut: Grazia Rusjan and Col. Rosso, Commander of  the association “4° Stormo” in Grosseto

Grazia Rusjan with Max Pinucci. He’s resident in Pisa and represents Italy for Slovenian Pipistrel

Grazia Rusjan and Max Pinucci next to Eda 5, constructed by Rusjan Brothers
Models of Gorizia’s Aeroclub
A glider of  “Edvard Rusjan” Aeroclub (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)
Antonio Russo’s Bulletin Board. Russo is world record-holder of aircraft-modellism
Airclub “ Edvard Rusjan” stand in Nova Gorica
Grazia and Ilaria. She represents “Sky Arrow”, ULM’s “Ferrari”
Grazia with Arabella and Ilaria. They both represent “Sky Arrow”
AMS motor-glider KARAT, presented by Walter Eisele from Stuttgart (Germany)
Martin Backer ejectable seat, presented by Aermacchi
Exhibition of rare photos and uniforms of 2nd World War. Presentation by Fabio Zucconi
Some models done by Alessandro Pecile
Star Fighter and its Aviation badges
Models of American aircrafts, presented by G.A.M.S (Udine)
Models of historical aircrafts, presented by G.A.M.S (Udine)
Eliografia Meraviglia kites
An aviator suit presented in the stand of Aeronautic Army
Some motors of Simonini Flying
Wright brothers “Flyer”, presented by Giancarlo Zanardo
A “historical” helicopter, presented by Gorizia’s Fire Service
Ultra-light aircrafts (Hall B)
23.  Simulated fly tests in “Barco and MSC Software” Bright Pannel (Euroscreen screen, in Udine)

Exhibition Hall in Barco. Detail of Euroscreen screen (Udine)
Captain Marco Lant of Italian acrobatic patrol "Frecce Tricolori" plays with simulated flight
Air force band

Grazia Rusjan delivers Honorary Member card of  Gorizia’s Cultural Association “4° Stormo”  to Col. Rosso, commander of Grosseto’s “4° Stormo”

Grosseto’s “4° Stormo” Stand
Wooden aircraft, from Mario Gregori, Gorizia