The article published by a magazine the day after a flight show
which didn’t have success
(Campagna grande, 28 March 1910)


On Monday 28 March 1910, during Easter festivities, Eduardo Rusjan had to fly with his airplane “Eda V”. This aviation experiment was something new for the town of Gorizia. For this reason many hangars were constructed in Campagna grande and thousands of people decided to come to assist to this flying experiment.
The soldiers formed a square in order to leave a great space for the experiment. To 3 in the afternoon the airplane was raised from the hangar and went around of the field. The Rusjan brother’s airplane is a monoplane and has approximately 6 meters of length, 7 meters of wing span and forms one kind of tail. The motor has between 25 and 30 HP. Towards 16 hours the aircraft came near the hangar and Mr. Eduardo Rusjan, the younger of the brothers, entered in the monoplane and the motor was put in action. But with great disillusion of the public, the airplane remained to its place. From that it came between the peoples a whispering of disapproval and many abandoned the field. Finally after much time of waiting, the monoplane moved but raised itself just some centimetres. Then the public, tired because the long waiting, gone in the city after send to the aviator some words that not very pleasant. The Rusjan brothers had a beautiful lesson and they will not thus impose more expensive income price in order to see an airplane…. that don’t move!