Maribor’s Airport entrance
Permanent photo exhibition directed by Vili Princic

Souvenir photo of relevant people like Maribor’s Mayor, director of the airport and members of the organisation
Director of the airport

Maribor’s Mayor who gives two gifts to Grazia Rusjan: a book regarding the town of Maribor and some roses Some generals of aeronautics and Mr Peterlé, an european parlamentarian

Group photo
Showing of the plate, done by Grazia Rusjan, Minister of transports and the Director of the airport

A quartet plays slovenian and european national hymns

Conversation withe the european parlamentarian Peterlé

Beside the plate
The plate

Among USA aviation pilots
An american cargo

Visit inside the airplane
The ramp

A fighter aircraft
A turboprop

A Second World War airplane
Flight of the two “Tornado” airplanes

10000 spectators were present at the 72 hours aerial meeting