The first plane brothers Rusjan constructed. People from Gorizia called
it "dangerous trap toy". The plane had been constructed in their
house's court, in Cappella street nr 8.

The first plane constructed by them was a lesson for Eduardo...
Eduardo Rusjan was flying in Merna's fields and also bought a big
space to leave his plane inside. On 6th December he was able to do a
real flight, at 50 km/hour and which lasted 15 minutes. This plane was
the first he constructed and then he constructed 9 other planes in one
year. In total, he projected and constructed 12 airplanes. After his death,
in a flight accident on January 9, 1911, in Belgrade, 3 other planes were
constructed by his brother Josip and Mikajlo Mercep, a manufacturer
from Zagabria.