EDA, the story of the Rusjan brothers

On 6 May 2009 was the Performance’s premiere "EDA, the story of the Rusjan  brothers ", a play much appreciated by the large audience present at the theater Slovensko Mladinski Gledališče of Ljubljana. Were present, among others, the Nova Gorica Mayor Mirko Brulc and the Slovenian Minister of Defense, Ms. Ljubica Jelušič. Next September this performance will be presented also in Nova Gorica and Gorizia. Neda Bric Rusjan is author, among other performance of "The Alexandrines", also represented in Gorizia in 2008

The two actors who played the Rusjan brothers, Ivan Peternelj and Robert 
A scene of the performance 

Grazia Rusjan between Mirko Brulc, Nova Gorica’s Mayor and Ljubica Jelušič, Slovene Minister od Defense  The director Neda Bric and Grace Rusjan 

After the performance, Grazia Rusjan between Mirko Brulc, Nova Gorica’s Mayor,  Ljubica Jelušič, Slovenian Minister of Defense and Zoran Thaler and Tanja Fajon, candidates to the European Parliament (which on 8 June 2009 will be elected)



Gorizia, 13 February 2009 - Multiroom Kinemax

Presentation of the cast
The room is full


On Monday 30th June and Tuesday 1st July  2008 shootings will take place in Gorizia’s airport. This fiction will be a documentary dedicated to flight pioneers brothers Rusjan from Gorizia. Lives of Eduardo and Giuseppe Rusjan will be entirely reconstructed and in 2009 there will be the centenary of this important event. Grazia Rusjan, direct nephew of brothers Rusjan is vice-president of the Association « 4° Stormo » and will actively take part as a walker-on in the fiction.

On December 1909 Eduardo Rusjan did his first flight experience in « Campagnuzza’s fields », Other flights were done in « Campagna Grande » , where there is now Gorizia’s Airport. In these fields, Eduardo together with his brother Pepi, constructed a big hut inside which he worked on his planes. After constructin them, he tried them on different fields. After smal flights, they improved their airplanes and they could finally fly at a speed of 50 km per hour for 15 minutes.

After that, exactly in the place where brothers Rusjan made their first flight, a flight school for austro-hungarian army was constructed.
After 1st World War all lands were expropriated and on 160 hectares of land, Merna’s Airport « Edigio Grego » was  constructed. After Duke of Aosta Amedeo of Savoia’s death, the airport was given his name to commemorate him.

A scene is being turned in Rusjan's workshop"

Reproduction of a shed Troupe arranges propeller of Eda 1

"Rusjan family"..... Eda 1 at Gorizia’s airport

Raise of Eda 1 from a crane Pilot “Eduardo” on board of Eda 1

A gig with some extras One lady........

Three ladies... Repetition of the accident's scene

On the set, between figurants  Fifth repetition of a scene...