Slovenia celebrates flight pioneer who was forgotten in Gorizia, his hometown


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The remodelled airport of Maribor/St.Janez, second most important city of Slovenia. Will be given a new name in memory of flight pioneer Edi Rusjan. In November 1909, the pioneer could fly at a certain height with a plane constructed by himself. He did all this in +IBw-Campagnuzza+IB0-, a place where now there are military practices. To remember Eduardo Rusjan, a big plaque was attached on Maribor+IBk-s airport. Uncovering of the +IBw-plaque+IB0- will be done by Grazia Rusjan, direct nephew of pioneer. After that, there will be a photographic exhibition on pioneer of Friul, in particular to two flight pioneers, Eduardo and Giuseppe Rusjan. This exhibition will be organised by Mario Muti and Vili Princic. They will use a lot of historical and archaeological material. Maribor airport will be baptized and after that, there will be an aerial meeting with participation of acrobatic squadrons coming from 11 different countries. What did the Rusjan brothers was like a familiar saga. Edi studied aerodynamics. With the help of his brother Pepi, he constructed aircrafts. Their sister Luisa used to help them sewing canvas for covering wings of the aircraft. All this was done without much help because they couldn+IBk-t get the projects of brothers Wright, other flight pioneers, who already fly before. It was a very hard job, but fortunately they received help from various institutions of Gorizia. Grazia Rusjan is very happy for the attention Yugoslavia and Slovenia give to her uncle+IBk-s work. She said: +IBw-The memory of my uncles has been conserved for one hundred years by Slovenia and I a very proud of this. But anyway I would like this to be more equilibrated: I would like my uncles to be remembered in Italy too. My family could appear Slovenian, but it was also Italian. They used to speak Italian at home and they used to write in french...Of these two extraordinary persons, something is missing in my hometown Gorizia!+IB0-

Sandro Scandolara - Il Piccolo, 13.6.2008


Eda 1 model hung in the hall of Maribor's airport