Extracts of the editing (page 36)


A paragraph of the editing (picture 3)


Extracts of the editing (page 42) - Nekaj odlomkov iz publikacije (pag. 42)


Publication of "Isonzo" association - Group of historical research
The first part is dedicated to Rusjan brothers


The splendid volume dedicated to industry edited by photographer and artist Luigi Vitale.
Pages 26-31 are dedicated to the two pioneers of flight brothers Rusjan.


The book, published during the centennial of brothers Rusjan flight tests


The Journal of Numismatics

(the article on page 9: Europe coins and pioneers of flight)


Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung

(Magazine published in Vienna on 5th January, 1911)
Article dedicated to Eduardo Rusjan


Publication of satko Bisail, a Slovenian aeronautical inventor, printed in Lubiana in 1958 Dan – Magazine published in Trieste in 1979. One article is on page 28 Publication of Slovenian historian Sandi Sitar, printed in Lubiana in 1985

Krila – Lubiana’s magazine published in 1999. Inside an artice of 16 pages Aerofan – Aeronautical magazine of 2003 printed in Milan Long article on page 148  Technical magazine – printed twice a month in Udine in 2004. Article of Roberto Daniel Pinzin on page36

Pan Club – Aeronautics magazines. Article by Fulvio Chianese on page 17 Krila – Magazine printed in Lubiana in 2006. Two articles by Srecko Gombac on page 18


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