Inauguration of Aeroclub Duca d'Aosta to the Gorizia's airport
(11 January 2014)

The authorities presents at the ceremony Gherghetta, the President of the Province 

The hangar restored Grazia Rusjan between the commemorative steles of his uncles

The ultralight aircraft  Eda 100 built by a group of fans introduced to the public in the great hall of the Municipality of Nova Gorica in 2009


(February 24, 2006)

Egon Malalan, vice-president of Cultural Association European Aeroclub “Brothers Rusjan” Marco Marincic, member of the Council of Gorizia’s province for relationships with Slovenia
The crowded room Colonel Paolo Tarantino, Comander of the italian Acrobatic Patrol “Frecce Tricolori” and Captain Alan Debeljak, Director of Slovenian Military Aviation School
Souvenir picture Grazia Rusjan with Colonel Paolo Tarantino, Comander of the italian Acrobatic Patrol “Frecce Tricolori”


*         *

The new road sign of Giuseppe and Eduardo Rusjan Street, Gorizia, August 25, 2005


Mythical flight pioneers Pepi and Edi Rusjan gave their name to circulation area near to Cecotti and Fermi Street. They were born in Trieste and, like
their father, cycling activity was their passion. They began constructing aircraft models and did their first experimental flights in Gorizia.
They organised their demonstrating flights between Gorizia’s and Merna’s fields, where actually there is an airport.

Gorizia – “Il Messaggero”, 16.4.2005. From the article: Six new aread have been "baptised” 


The road sign of brothers Rusjan Street in Savogna
near to Trieste Street


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The return of the EDA V
 Ajdovščina 1° June 2000

Ajdovščina – On a side of the aicraft stands Albin Novak, the pilot who constructed the perfect copy of Eduardo Rusjan's EDA V (1910). The flight on the airfield provokes a big enthusiasm among spectators

EDA V is ready to take off on Ajdovščina's field (1st of June 2000). The aircraft is ready to take off. The pilot first executes some leaps, in order to remember Eduardo's first flights. Then he begins to fly in the serene sky, twisting and turning, being applauded by numerous spectators

EDA V in flight in the sky of Ajdovščina

Who was there will never forget the light in that moment. A limpid sunset pierced the dark clouds and illuminated the wet grass of Ajdovščina’s airport. In the meanwhile, a few metres above in the sky, between shadow and light, an Eda V were happily flying over. It was a perfectly reconstructed aircraft. Exactly as the one Eduardo and Giuseppe Rusjan brothers, flight pioneers, had constructed in 1910, in Cappella street nr 8. It was on Thursday evening. There was a trial for the attended exhibition which forecasted exhibitions, visit to different structures and demonstration flights including EDA V official flight.
Everybody was a bit afraid and technicians were full of pessimism. Whether wasn’t good, but Mayor Crtomir Spacapan said they going to fly anyway. Flying test would take place during sunset, because only at that time wind was favourable in Vipacco. The appointment was at eight o’clock in the evening. On a side of Ajdovščina’s airport there were about ten airplanes. The fifth plane constructed by Rusjan brothers, Eda V. wasn’t there. Yet. At that moment ceremony began with a small military band. Doors of a hangar opened and there it was, marvellous Eda V, exactly as it was ninety years before. It had been reconstructed by Albin Novak, an old man coming from Bled. He was to be the pilot of the exhibition. The wooden shape, ndifficult to define as aerial, is identical to the original, reconstructed with the help of old papers. The burlap that covered the wings though, had been replaced by modern and resistant sticks of wood were supporting the longitudinal structure. A kind of basket lying on the axis of the wheels is the pilot’s seat, and over his head was the motor. In tail, there are no wheels, but it ended with two slides. Then the exhibition took place. Albin Novak puts his helmet on, sits on the small seat and starts accelerating. Then he decides to fly. The plane jumps on the grass, folds on a side, and for a while wheels seemed to be detached from the ground. But then it stops and lies again on the    field. Novak seems to be exhausted. Public is disappointed. Albin Novak just tried to copy brothers Rusjan flight. Then the airplane comes back and leaves again with energy. It was flying in the sky, without shaking, under the surprised look of spectators. At the bottom of the dark mountains appears a jet that intersects Eda V many times. People were astonished. The craft then returns fast to the field, without a jump. It stops at the end of the field and goes towards spectators. People clap their hands
and run to the aircraft. They embrace the pilot and touch the yellowish burlap of the aircraft wings. One of the speakers invites people to the festivity, offering them bowls of goulash. But very few people reacted because they were still    astonished by the incredible flight...They just knew they had just participated to a very important moment in history...

TV reportages

In 2004, on October 23, Giuliano Sadar, a journalist of “Rai” in Trieste, presented in his weekly show “Il Settimanale”, the first aircraft models
constructed by Rusjan brothers, in Cappella Street nr.8. He also presented the first flights they did near Merna as well as in Zagabria and Belgrade. The
music, the with pictures and the comments was very well.



Stamps issued in Slovenia in 1969 (June 29th), for the 60th anniversary of the first flight.


Stamps issued in Slovenia in 1986 (June 6th), for the 75th anniversary of the death